Will you be my hero?

Songs are written about kings and heroes. God wants you to be His hero: to become the hero of your own story, to be a hero of the Kingdom of Heaven – for good, for justice and for the truth of God’s Word. A hero is an overcomer of a grand task. Many times you […]

Arise, my warrrior bride

Arise, my warrior bride, arise! I call you into a place of intimacy with me. No more fainting, no more weeping – the night is over and the day has just begun. Arise, come forth in all your beauty and let my glory be seen throughout the earth. I have prepared your heart and now […]

Arise and take your place

In this season the people of God are being called to come out of the caves where they have hidden: caves of distress and of despair; caves of safety and security; caves of comfort; all the places where they have hidden from the sight of Father God. Regardless of the reason you might have hidden, […]

Consecrate for the battle ahead

Joshua 5:13-15 Now it came about when Joshua was by Jericho, that he lifted up his eyes and looked, and behold, a man was standing opposite him with his sword drawn in his hand, and Joshua went to him and said to him, “Are you for us or for our adversaries?” He said, “No; rather […]

The healing river

I watched an army, weary from war, weary from the enemy’s onslaught, weary from the march from battle to battle. I watched as they crossed a field and sat down by the banks of a river. I watched as they began to remove their heavy boots, to reveal their blood stained socks and finally their […]

The declaration of warrior-men

The swords are held high and I see a line of warrior-men; true and steady, slowly marching to the beat. The beat is drawing these men in unity, drawing them to lead the way. It draws them to say, ‘No more!’ and to declare that righteousness, truth and love will and shall be brought back […]

The Rescuer

Even in the midst of battle, when the bombs are landing and the bullets whizz and whine all around, you hear the cries of the wounded and the dying: “help me, help me”; “save me, save me”. This is the battlefield of life. Who will come to their aid? I see Him – He is coming, […]

Fight with your coming King

My people who are called by my name, hear my voice, for I am coming soon. It is the time: it is the season for war. Listen and take heart for I am with you; I am your stronghold, I am your fortress, I am your shield. Will you agree today to take up your […]

The strength of the Lord

I have called you to stand, stand and stand! This is where the battle line is drawn, now is time for war. I have trained your hands and fingers for battle. I have trained your minds and your wills to move as one, no longer slaves, but sons. No longer will the enemy pull you […]

Time to overcome

Do not fret because of the evil that you see increasing around you. This is a time of division and separation, where I am making a clear distinction between light and darkness, between the kingdom of God and the demonic realm. As the kingdom of God advances greatly this year, as you see victory upon […]