Let the living waters flow

Open your mouth wide and begin to praise the Lord. Speak out truth, let it flow freely from your mouth, from your throat, from your lungs, from your heart, from out of your inner-man, from your spirit. Declare truth, sing praise, worship, let words known, and unknown, flow. Let them tumble out. Don’t worry if […]

Deep things in deep places

I am calling to the deep place within you – the place you have hidden for the sake of self-preservation; the place that you have forgotten how to let Me into as the cares and responsibilities of this world have been your focus and priority. Like the waves of a tsunami leaves no places untouched, […]

How deep are your roots?

Psalm 147:18 He sends forth His word and melts them; He causes His wind to blow and the waters to flow. Ensure that your roots go deep into Me to receive the water that you need to live. Look at the trees in the wind. Look at how they bend and flow with the wind. […]

A generation on fire!

God has chosen to clothe this generation in fire. And we, His sons and daughters are part of this chosen generation – a chosen generation. You are included. No-one is excluded from the plans of our great and merciful Father. The skies above Glasgow this morning are clear and blue. As I looked into the […]

Heavenly Treasures

The Holy Spirit showed me a table laden with gold and jewels. There were crowns, sceptres, goblets, bracelets, necklaces – treasures of gold, of every kind. But then I realised that these treasures were useless and even abhorrent (repulsive, disgusting) to the hungry, dying man that God then showed me. His immediate need and desire was […]

Remain in me

This is a time to remain in me and not a time to turn away – even if it may have seemed like it has been a season of dryness over your life. Be assured that, although all on the surface may seem dry and dead, underneath there is an amazing transformation happening. Your roots are going […]

The valley of the glory wave

A number of angels with trumpets are hovering over a dam wall which is holding back masses of water. As they sound their trumpets they blast the wall open and the water comes flooding out! And the Lord says, ‘Position yourself my children. Position yourself in front of the Glory I am releasing and pouring out […]

A peace and clarity is coming

I saw a vision of you, standing looking into a pool in a gently-flowing river, your reflection becoming clearer as the water flowed more calmly. As you looked closer, the things which have been confusing and concerning you suddenly made sense. You see who you are and, more importantly, who your God is. Peace is […]

Come in further, deeper

I saw someone sitting on a beach close to the water’s edge. They were watching the waves as the sea lapped on the shore. It was a hot day and the water looked so refreshing. They were longing to try the water – to dip their toes in, or to walk into the waves; to cool […]

Step into the depths of the rushing waters

Do you hear the sound of the many waters rushing together? Do you see the many streams flowing as one river? This is my church, this is my body. This is my Spirit in them, flowing together as one mighty river. I am detouring streams from their current course. I am moving the mountains that […]