Your sound – the sound of the warrior

I hear a sound. It’s a different sound. It’s the sound of one who is being drawn, trained and equipped to fulfill their destiny. It’s you – it’s you, the Lord’s warrior. And the Lord says to you, ‘It’s you that I draw to me, call to me – to meet with me, to dwell […]

Catch fire, my burning ones!

I call you my burning ones, those with a heart set aflame for me. You are my champions, my witnesses, my representatives. You are the ones who are to stand and show your fire to the world and the enemy. I call you forth, I call you to open yourselves up and to allow me […]

Join with those who accomplished the impossible

They stood before you: men of old, they spoke with such authority, grace and words of encouragement, yet with a depth of sorrow and concern. They said, ‘We paid the price, we have walked the walk and talked the talk, we have ploughed the fields and prepared the way… will you not step into the […]