Pursuing Happiness – your Lion Bite word for today

Pursuing happiness is a part of Me! Somewhere down the line, you have accepted a place of solitude where you have believed that you may not always be happy in your life. This is a lie the enemy has tried to convince you of, and it has taken away the blessing of genuine happiness that […]

Believe In Yourself – your Lion Bite word for today

Believe in yourself because of my Holy Spirit living in you, ready to empower you. I do have plans for your life, and I will bless the broken, contrite heart,  those with a humble, faithful attitude, its time now to lift your vision. Put into action those beginning things you have thought about. Yes, to […]

Cross The Line – your Lion Bite word for today

I have drawn a line in the sand.  I have set before you a choice: life or death!  You can no longer stand astride the line.  You can not hop backwards and forwards playing with the idea of commitment.   It is time to throw off indecision to stop being blown about by the winds […]

The Call To More! – your Lion Bite word for today

I am calling you forward out of the religious, humanistic practices and calling you to a place of intimacy at my feet! For too long, you have lived out your salvation according to how man has proclaimed it, but now I am calling you to my feet that I might proclaim true salvation to you. […]

Momentum – your Lion Bite word for today

Can you feel the momentum building? Momentum like an arrow about to be released from a bow, about to fly forward with power. So too, is God building the momentum inside of you to be able to soar beyond your wildest dreams.  God is saying, “You will feel my wind under your wings, lifting you […]

I Lift Up My Eyes – your Lion Bite word for today

Today Lift your head to the hill of the Lord, lift up your eyes to heaven. For the things of the world have been pulling your gaze and have been taking your attention, but today is a day to lift up your gaze.  Look upon my face today; behold me in all my beauty and […]

Prayer Of Victory – your Lion Bite word for today

Today, the Lord asks you to agree with his promise that you are an overcomer and walk in victory. Read this declaration of promise out over yourself as an act of this truth today. This is my time of divine reversal. Whatever the enemy has meant against me for evil is being turned for my […]

Scale The Heights – your Lion Bite word for today

I am scaling the heights! You think that the depths you have fallen into are your pit of despair, depression, failure, loneliness and sin, but I, The Lord your God, say that I am in the depths. The heights are not the only place you can reach me.  Just like I went on the hill […]

Time To Ascend – your Lion Bite word for today

It’s time to but are you ready?  It’s time to ascend the hill of the Lord with clean hands and a pure heart but are you prepared? Like climbing a mountain, you can climb with little preparation, but you’ll struggle your way to the top, or you can train and prepare for the climb ahead […]

Invest In Relationships

See how I am doing a corporate move in the body of Christ. Done are the days of the isolated. This new level of Glory will only come as you join together in invested family relationships and friendships. I want to bring those who have had no community now into the community. These are not […]