Divine Wealth

I have given you the ability to gain wealth, why then will you throw it away, saying, ‘I should be doing something else’? My Kingdom needs the wealth that is in your hands. Each man is called according to my purpose and there is no lesser and no greater job in my Kingdom. Each, when […]

You’re Alive!

Whilst you still have breath in your body, know that you are alive! Have you ever had the feeling that you’re ‘marking time’, as if waiting for something else, something more to happen? Is it a ‘call’ that you are waiting on? If so, know that you are called today. The call of the Lord is […]

Remember to breathe

‘Son, Daughter, remember to breathe today.’ Have you been spiritually ‘holding your breath’, waiting for promised or hoped-for things to happen? God reminds you to still be conscious of your breathing, even as you wait. This means that you are to remember to engage with those basic life needs and requirements that may have unwittingly […]

Rest in Me

Beware the spirits of the age that would seek to tie you into a frenetic lifestyle of stressful, anxious living. Beware the enemy’s temptation, even through email and ‘social networking’, to lock you into unhealthy patterns of work and rest. Consider this carefully: do you have your priorities right? The Lord asks you directly today, […]

Wake Up, My Beloved

It is time to stand and take your position: I have placed you in your family, workplace and community, for such a time as this. You are crucial to my Kingdom, uniquely-made and positioned. You are the one I died for. So I am calling you to wake-up, my child, and stand up – take […]