Lion Bites - Testimonies

  • Caroline - United Kingdom

    Yesterday I received healing prayers for myself to do with a shoulder neck and back issue that I have had since being a teenager. I have suffered very painful aching joints and instability for 10 plus years and it has been getting worse with how much violin practice I have been doing. No amount of exercise or chiropractic sessions have helped the issue.  Yesterday through the power of God interceding on behalf of two of your prophetic prayer warriors, I received a touch from God; instantly the pain reduced and I felt a burning sensation all over my left shoulder blade and up my neck – this is where the problem started. I feel it is continuing today and it feels like it is releasing. Amen! The two ladies also fought in prayer with other issues and were willing to pray about other things as well. I was extremely touched and moved by this.

    Thank you so SO much! Keep on doing what you are doing.

  • Power Hour - Testimonies

  • Anonymous - USA

    The first time I ever tuned in to you all was the “mind of Christ” zoom meeting. My daughter sent me the link I want you to know God has used these meetings, teaching, sharing times to wake me (us) and deliver and heal me. (Us)
    I truly appreciate the strong foundation of Gods word that is the basis for your sharing. Whenever other thoughts dissipates the word remains and takes deep root.
    The sharing of extravagant worship is truly foundational.

    My life and relationship with Christ is better and deeper because of you.

  • Rachael - United Kingdom

    When I first came to Christ as a child, I knew I was a seer (wasn't sure that was what you call it) and God showed me things in the spiritual realm whether I was present with people or not; I knew them to be true, and he gave me the understanding of them. But over time as I grow up I had no training at this, no understanding of it, and only a few of my Christian friends recognized this was something that was a gift and part of who I was in Christ. But somewhere along the way, it had been lost or dulled or chained and I had allowed that because of fear. At the beginning of this year, God said he was going to uproot a very deep-rooted tree and take out all the roots. After that it would be shaken and destroyed and there would be a greater infilling of him in all the areas that tree had taken up. I started listening to the power hour just over a week ago. I knew it was a divine appointment. I’ve been through experiences with him this past week during those meetings and things have been reawakened again. Things I didn’t know would ever be in my experience again. Times of repentance, and times of infilling of restoration. 

    I know this is the beginning of much more, I want to say thank you for the ministry that you are faithfully fulfilling, and I wanted to let you know that, just as with Jesus and the centurion, God is reaching out across the airwaves and setting people free, healing them, delivering them and restoring them. I want to give glory to Him for all he’s doing!

  • Shannon - United States

    I just wanted to say thank you for your Power Hour videos! I was watching on Tuesday and had my right shoulder 90% healed, PRAISE GOD! It bothered me all last week so that I had it in a sling on Monday forcing myself to let it rest. But prayer has it rotating like a windmill blade now. Which is good because I really needed to give the dog a bath yesterday after he got into something in the yard. 😉 And it was stopping me from moving forward in ministry, which is more important.

    Your ministry has been such a blessing to me in so many ways. From your sober honesty to putting what you're teaching into practice, to just having them be spot on in my life right now. I just wanted to say thank you! Bless you!

  • Timothy - United States

    Greetings in Jesus, David and Emma. My wife Linda and I are tremendously blessed by connecting daily with you via YouTube and Facebook! The Lord is so good at keeping us in step with His heart and plans. We also want to thank you from our hearts for the Power Hour (let me pronounce it correctly - Pah-ur Ahr-ur). It is changing our lives! We love and appreciate you both and pray for you daily. Blessings, love and cheers!

  • Emma - United States

    I live in California, and my community listens to messages from Glasgow Prophetic Centre pretty regularly. We have been loving the Power Hours, and people keep joking that they're going to wake up early and watch them live - that would be 4:00 am here!

    At 3:41 am I was awoken by a loud ticking noise in my room (kind of like the ticking of a clock...!!), that I absolutely could not discern the source of. It was loud enough to keep me awake, and I figured I ought to keep my word and tune in to the Power Hour! So I did, and was SO blessed by it! I felt like God was speaking straight to me, in so many parts of it. When Emma started off by saying that Mormonism was an example of a wrong discerning of spirits...wow. I was undone by that, and felt like God was answering my questions directly! I have so much to talk to the Lord about from that one line, but it was a beautiful revelation for me! Also the theme of God's timing has been HUGE in my life for the last couple of months, and everything Sam and Sarah Jane said/prayed about that subject was straight from God's heart to mine.

    So thank you for your faithfulness to speak out what you hear God saying! It is impacting lives across the world, and I am so glad that God woke me up to experience that this morning!

  • Steven - United Kingdom

    I felt today's live stream was a blessing to me on several positive levels to enable me to empower myself in my walk with God, to build my relationship with Him & to know His will for me in my life. I'm really looking forward to doing the homework.

    As a child of God who has been unwell with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME). I've become increasingly house-bound & yet I feel richly blessed in the current season to have the opportunity to fellowship with other Christians in the UK & beyond, thanks to the righteous use of technology.

    I'm praying that Father God will continue to inspire you to bless everyone who watches these live streams. I, for one, will be recommending it to as many people as possible, as God leads His people through these challenging times.

  • April - United States

    We have been following your Power Hour for over a week now, and every day you have been hitting on something the Lord is speaking to us, and then you have released over us the tools we need within what He is speaking. Even though we are a nation away, we feel like we are under and submissive to your leadership and have never felt more of a like-minded spirit, nor have we seen such a powerful and perfectly balanced operation of both Spirit and Truth the way it is within Emma. We just wanted to thank you and give testimony to what God is doing in us through you!