The Purple Company is a strategic network of prophetic intercession groups in Scotland, the UK and beyond.

What is The Purple Company?

The Purple Company is a network of prophetic intercession groups, across the UK and beyond. It’s a way to share, inspirestrengthen and equip each other through our testimonies of God’s goodness and victory. But it will be so much more than this too:

  • From our network HQ in Scotland we’ll provide teaching and training from our own experienced leaders in-house, as well as from special guests from around the world.
  • We’ll be able to offer events and courses that you can attend in person, as well as online.
  • We believe that God speaks today and are based in Glasgow Prophetic Centre. Therefore everyone who is part of The Purple Company will benefit from words for each season, to inform your strategic warfare.
  • The Purple Company will also be a place of advice and mentoring on strategic prayer for your land – your town, city, region or nation.

Who is The Purple Company network for?

The Purple Company is for prayer or intercession groups that already exist, or for those with a call from God to gather a group of intercessors around them, who will then form part of the network.

So, if you are a team of intercessors who meet to pray for a specific area or community (geographical or otherwise) you could become The Purple Company group for your area. You may be meeting in your home, in your workplace, in your church or someone else. No-matter where your group meets, the network is open to you! If you are a church intercession group you can be associated with the network and enjoy the same benefits of training and equipping, with full access to all that we offer.

Please note, we are not a network for individuals working/praying alone. However, if you are someone who feels called to gather a group of people to regular prayer in your workplace, home, region or nation then the network is open to you.

Membership of The Purple Company network is by online application only, using the link below.

How will joining this network help my prayer group?

The Purple Company will aim to:

  • Help to provide teaching via a private Purple Company media area and share through our writing (emails and blogs) and videos what we feel God is saying prophetically for regions and nations. We’ll be inviting prophets such as Emma Stark and other UK and international prophets to share specific words with the Company, so that all of us are assisted in our praying ‘in season’.
  • Release helpful prophetic strategies for spiritual warfare that your networked group can pray into your region.
  • Assist in establishing spiritual warfare training via these means and through regular gatherings (‘schools’ and conferences) in Glasgow (and, over time, in other locations that are convenient to where networked groups are).
  • Whenever possible our meetings and gatherings will be streamed live online, so that those members from other nations who cannot attend in person will still take part and benefit

How do we join The Purple Company?

Membership of The Purple Company is by application only. This is because we desire to build effective relationships and so we want to know who is networked with us. As well as this, we want to provide a level of spiritual safety by ensuring that everyone who joins is called by God and is stepping out into spiritual warfare at the right time in their life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In Biblical times purple was rare and expensive to produce, therefore it gave a great deal of prestige. Because of this it is the colour of royalty, government and authority – the colour of the royal priesthood. Kings of earth would be sometimes described of those ‘born of the purple room.’

  • Jesus wore a purple robe for His death.
  • Biblical Kings wore purple.
  • Mordecai was given a purple robe of authority by the King in Esther as a sign of authority and status.
  • The Tabernacle of God was made with fine purple material as were elements of the priest’s clothing. It also covered the altar (Numbers 4:13)
  • Lydia was a dealer in purple ( Acts 16)
  • The virtuous woman also wears purple (Proverbs 31)
  • We are ‘born of the purple’ as born-again children of the King. As such we carry His royal authority.
It denotes a large number of ‘like’ people, together. In Acts it tells of the disciples being in a ‘company’ of 120. The term suggests a group of people with a sense of purpose, belonging and of having a right fit and place together.

The Biblical principle of this comes from Nehemiah 4, where Nehemiah cried out to God and received a strategy from Him to rebuild the wall in Jerusalem. The strategy given was to gather the divisional groups: families, governors, Levites, merchants and so on, who would build AND warfare in their own area and on their assigned section of the wall.

Today we, the people of God who are the ecclesia, are called to warfare in the Spirit to build the Kingdom of God where we are. God is raising up groups of intercessors who know how to take territory in prayer from the enemy. This army of men and women is aligned under the Captain of the Hosts – Elohim ‘Tsabaoth.

The Purple Company network is one of many. Its particular DNA is intended to be relational, with the aim of building a ‘company’ of people who war in prophetic intercession together and work together for the sake of the nation they are in and the nations beyond!

Do you believe the message of the Bible that you are destined for victory? That means that you must be prepared for battle!

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.Ephesians 6:12

It is time for the church, the ecclesia, to spiritually advance and take territory. The prophetic intercessors are a particular cohort of the Lord’s army and are called to: pray over and for the church and the nations to help open the gates and make way for King Jesus; to usher in the Kingdom of God and His government; to build altars of prayer to Him in the regions where each are positioned. We are gathering a network of strategically-positioned, prophetic intercession groups, who know how to take and spiritually occupy territory for the Kingdom of God in any given nation.

Sarah-Jane Biggart
Sarah-Jane BiggartLeader, The Purple Company
Sarah-Jane Biggart leads The Purple Company. The network has been launched, is based in and is supported by Glasgow Prophetic Centre. It is associated to the Strategic Prayer Action Network (SPAN), founded by the late C. Peter Wagner and now led by Rebecca Greenwood and her husband Greg (Colorado Springs, USA). These connections provide all The Purple Company networked groups the opportunity to access the latest in weighty prophetic revelation and Biblical wisdom on the subject of spiritual warfare and teaching on intercession.

Sarah-Jane is Assistant Director of Glasgow Prophetic Centre and has been with the ministry in leadership since 2009. Her passion is to see nations transformed through prayer and Kingdom strategies in all areas of influence. She is a lover of Jesus and carries His heart for the nations. She loves to war in the Spirit and is a Seer-Prophet who understands the authority we have in Christ through His name and His blood.

Sarah-Jane has worked closely with Emma Stark for almost a decade and travels with her internationally, prophesying and praying in nations and cities as God leads, in order to bring freedom and transformation. Her role as leader of The Purple Company extends to sitting on ‘spiritual boards’ effecting Kingdom reformation. Sarah-Jane also sits with Emma on the Prophetic Roundtable for Europe, ‘Europe Shall Be Saved’ and the Global Prophetic Gathering.

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