Revealing The

Voice of God

To The Nations

Global Prophetic Alliance is inspiring, training and equipping the worldwide church in the power of the Holy Spirit to reveal the voice of God. Formed in 2009 by Emma and David Stark, we are an international apostolic and prophetic equipping hub based in Scotland. GPA’s ministers train and equip the church to transform culture through the supernatural power of Jesus Christ.

In-person Equipping

From our base in Scotland’s largest city we’ve trained tens of thousands, face-to-face, at our events, schools & conferences.

Online Training

We produce affordable e-schools and online teaching programmes to help you grow in the prophetic.

Prophetic Check-Ups

Hear what’s on God’s heart for you at a private, 45min. prophetic appointment with our team.

The Miracle Clinic

We believe God heals! Come and experience healing, wholeness and freedom for yourself!

"Lion Bites"

Receive a free, personal, prophetic word in your inbox – every day, Monday-Friday.

Mentoring & Networks

We run two global relational networks - for prophets & prophetic ministries & for strategic prophetic intercession groups.

“we're training and equipping the Church to transform Europe, as a testimony to Jesus.”




It is time for the voice of God to be heard in the nations and for the prophets to arise and speak His words with purity and boldness! Are you being called to emerge as a prophet?


The Global Prophetic Alliance is a network designed to enable connection and commitment; a relational alliance with members all around the world. Join now, and be part of the Global Prophetic movement!


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