About Us

We are a passionate people, excited by what God is doing through His Holy Spirit, as He restores prophecy, miracle, deliverance and healing to the nation and nations.

Inspiration & Equipping for Churches

Bringing together preaching, activation exercises and prophetic ministry to train and release churches and their members into their spiritual destinies! We offer everything from teaching/ministry at services to church leadership retreats.

Life-transforming Schools and Conferences

We run regular mentoring courses and conferences covering topics such as prophecy, spiritual gifts, intimacy with God and supernatural power! God is restoring prophecy to His people and we teach in accordance with 1 Corinithians 14 verse 31, “…for you can all prophesy in turn, so that everyone may be instructed and encouraged“.

We believe in training up the church to flow in prophecy and the delivery of prophetic words to be commonplace, rather than rare.

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