We believe that God is raising up a company of prophets across the earth who will proclaim His voice with boldness, excellence, and faith.

The role (or ‘office) of prophet is foundational to the church (see Eph.4:11) and prophets have a responsibility to hear from God for regions, nations and leaders. We believe that ALL believers can prophesy but only some are called to be prophets. As prophets emerge they release the voice of God to nations, stewarding and changing them; then these maturing prophets begin to raise up and equip a new generation.

Each year we gather and raise an international company of prophets who will emerge with a deeper understanding of their governmental weight and authority. If you believe that you have this call (or leaders have recognised this in you) but you don’t know what to do with it then this programme for emerging prophets is for you! Your call is not limited by your age or experience!

If accepted, you will embark on one of the most exciting and significant journeys of your life. You will receive teaching, activation, coached practice, relational networking, and online mentoring over a minimum of an 11-month period. Throughout the course our dedicated Raising Prophets team ensure that we are a place of encouragement and support in your life as an emerging prophet.

Our heart is to connect relationally with the prophets we raise. The highlight and most important parts of this course are the four day ‘Intensives’ which take place twice a year in Glasgow, Scotland. These are a powerful times of in-person training and teaching from Emma Stark, Sam Robertson, Pastor John Hansford and the Global Prophetic Alliance team. These are incredible times of sharpening and give you the esential space to be refreshed, equipped, and connected to each other.

This course was previously known as GPA’s Emerging Prophets Programme and is not related to a similarly named course which launched in the USA around the same time as ours.

It is time for the voice of God to be heard in the nations and for the prophets to arise and speak His words with purity and boldness! Are you being called to emerge as a prophet?
"Last year I asked, 'Where are the prophets?' Then I came to Glasgow and found my tribe and now the Lord is moving in ways I could not have imagined!"
Pam, 2019 GPA Emerging Prophet
"a year of huge shifts - my preaching has more authority, I am bolder in what I say and people have started to seek me out to grow in the prophetic."
Holly, 2019 GPA Emerging Prophet
"I have a place where I belong, where people understand me, my quirks and my gifting."
Natalie, 2019 GPA Emerging Prophet
"I found my tribe and what a tribe they are!"
Elizabeth, 2019 GPA Emerging Prophet
"The highlight has been the intensives and connecting with the wider prophetic community."
Pam, 2019 GPA Emerging Prophet
"I've learnt so much about getting properly aligned, staying safe and walking in the light in my prophetic calling."
Elspeth, 2019 GPA Emerging Prophet
"I got to put into practice what I had learned... I prophesied and declared healing over a lady and she got healed/delivered and a week later SHE was prophesying over us!"
Lorraine, 2019 GPA Emerging Prophet
"My prayer life, my reading and worship has been taken to a new level which has given me a different way of fighting my battles."
Darren, 2019 GPA Emerging Prophet
"The Lord provided nourishment and strength to face the highest challenge of my life so far"
Catherine, 2019 GPA Emerging Prophet
"The new BOLDNESS I feel has been activated through the course... feeling a new level of anointing!"
Donna, 2019 GPA Emerging Prophet


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