A Gathering of Eagles – your Lion Bites word for today

I see a gathering of eagles in the sky, joining together one after another, heading in the same direction and covering the land – positioned wing tip to wing tip. There are so many gathering that they fill the sky as they come together. It is a powerful picture.

And I heard the Lord say, ‘You who hear my voice, my prophetic warriors. I am gathering you together in this season to bring a covering to the land – to fly with the leading of my Spirit and move together. I am not looking for lone voices but I am gathering you as one.’

This is a time for us to raise our voices as one to speak the Word of the Lord. God is looking for people like you who can hear, listen and know His voice and then release what He is saying in this hour. God is bringing a covering to the land from you who speak forth His Word.

The Lord is encouraging you, as one who hears God, to gather together with others as one – in the natural, as well as in spirit. I see a large number of small gatherings and even larger gatherings across the earth of those who are hungry to hear from God and release the prophetic word together. Some of you are to actually call the gatherings, others of you are to attend gatherings. It is in this gathered place that the Lord will release His Word for the covering of the land in which you live. God will give you clarity as you seek Him on timings and locations.

So gather and release the word of God! It is time! The eagles are gathering!

Psalm 68:11
The Lord announces the word, and the women who proclaim it are a mighty throng…

1 Samuel 19:20
…and when they saw the company of the prophets prophesying and Samuel standing as head over them, the Spirit of God came on the messengers of Saul and they also prophesied.’


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