Break out of limited thinking! – your Lion Bites word for today

Have you have become too ‘realistic’ and pragmatic when it comes to faith exploits and dreaming for your destiny lately? Have the hard-pressed circumstances that you’ve have found yourself in caused you to become limited and constrained by worldly thinking?
To those who want to pursue more, the Lord says, ‘I come to you today as the God of extremes and I break you out of your limited thinking and poverty mentalities. I say to you that it is time to dream with me like you have never dreamt before. It’s time to declare impossibilities to become possible and the unimaginable to become reality. Set aside time to spend with me this week that you might simply dream! Don’t come to me with agendas and pledges but rather bring your hope and imagination – and I will show you beauty beyond belief.’
As you come to spend time with your Father this week:


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