I want to speak to you about devotion.

My devotion to you.

I am absolutely devoted to you and today I assure you of this, so that you might be enabled to receive more of my love and devotion.

Are you “hopefully devoted” to me? Do you think about me as I do you? Do you long to be in my presence as I, you? I love you and am devoted to see you reach the fullness of who I created you to be. Take care that your heart does not shift away from me and towards the old ways of living, some of which seem attractive to you …but you are not to agree with these old lies – the lies that say I am making life difficult or challenging for you. For I am ‘hopefully devoted’ to you and devoted to completing what I have begun. Do not look to the past or the old ways of living for I am making all things new, in and through you. So come and let us be devoted to each other. Let us love and be joyful together. Let me love you. Choose to love me.

Luke 16:13
No servant is able to serve two masters for either he will hate the one and love the other; or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other you cannot serve both God and money. 


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