This is a season for God’s children to realise that our lives are a beautiful melody to God as we give out – but also as we receive. Picture this concept as being like playing a tune on a mouth organ: you need to both blow out and take in breath in order to fully play sweet music on the instrument.

Many of you think that by continually giving out that it will be a sweet tune to God’s ears. And, yes, it is. But the Holy Spirit adds to this the thought that, in order to complete the melody of your life, you need to also receive. You need to take time to receive all that you need from God. Without receiving you can’t be in the best position to give out. He delights in what you give, your sacrifices, but He also delights when you receive. And not only from God but also from others. Have you been reluctant to receive from those who are delighted to give to you?

God wants to lavish you with love, joy peace and resources. Will you take time to inhale all that He has for you today?’

John 20:22
And when He had said this, He breathed on them, and said to them, “Receive the Holy Spirit”.


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