Iron sharpens iron

I see two people, perhaps one of them is you? Truth is being proclaimed by both of them. Both are right, yet the way forward seems impossible. You say, ‘Why have you put this person in my life? I love them but at times I simply can’t stand them! Lord, my God, can you not just show them that what you have taught me and shown me is the truth!’

And the Lord God replied, ‘I, the Lord, hear the cry of your heart but I also know that if you did not have this person in your life you would not, and could not, become the kind of leader, follower and disciple that I need in the days ahead. You may feel as if they are grinding at the very foundation of your belief but I have brought them to you to sharpen and mature you into the grace-loving servant that destroys the power of the enemy’s ability to divide my body!

Look to me and you will see that, as you see with my eyes, feel with my heart and hear with my ears, you will declare and release new freedom into the places that I have carried you. As you are a part of my prophetic army of disciples you will be tested, refined and drawn together through the trials that I bring from those you love. Declare my love and you will become my sword to destroy the enemy’s strongholds – leaving a place of peace and freedom in its place.

Proverbs 27:17
As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.


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