Join the Global Prophetic Alliance as a

Individual or Family


A place of connection for individuals, couples and families.

The Global Prophetic Alliance is a place of network connection and commissioning to individuals, couples and families who are seeking alignment with a prophetic and apostolic ministry.

This level of connection is ideal for those who are in itinerant ministry, or individuals/families who are looking to be connected and supported as they develop in their call.

All members of our Global Miracle Clinic teams are expected to connect with GPA at this level.

Senior Leaders

  • Commissioning into your area of ministry by public laying of hands (impartation/prophecy/welcome)
  • Ongoing communication through GPA appointed liason
  • Alignment with the GPA can sit happily alongside your other existing denominational connections or memberships
  • Support and mentoring where needed
  • Prayer and intercessory cover as requested
  • Accountability through peer relationship and, if GPA is primary place of spiritual association, an apostolic covering
  • A covering for you and your church/ministry/organisation
  • Annual Leaders' Retreat in the Scottish countryside*
  • Priority for ministry appointments - assigned and organised by your liason*
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