Keep going, straight ahead – your Lion Bites word for today

Know that you have all that it takes to take the high road.

I saw a road going ahead into the distance and directly up and over a hill. It was without curves or bends and it did not deviate around the hill but kept going, straight on. God is asking you to build a straight road for Him, directly over the circumstances you face. Those difficulties that seem immovable will become the very thing on which you build, taking you to the pinnacle of the hill, the strategic point from which you will view clearly where the next part of your journey is going to take you.

All the resources that God promises in His word are there for you. As you take hold of them in faith and have the courage to face those circumstances you will forge a road upon which others can follow. You are equipped and you have what it takes to show surprising grace and compassion to those who oppose you; to respond wisely, rather than react out of your emotions.

So today, grasp hold of the resources of heaven that are already bestowed upon you and boldly begin to build, knowing that whatever is before you can be overcome. Ask God for wisdom and stamina and begin to pave the way! God wants to use YOU to do this work for HIM.

Isaiah 49:11
I will turn all my mountains into roads, and my highways will be raised up.


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