My desire is to restore you

I speak to those hearts that have become like stone and say, ‘Be of flesh!’. I blow with My wind to break the hardness from your heart.

Many have said, “I do not hear His voice, I do not hear His voice”, but the fact remains that you have heard My voice. To those who have said this – I have come to you in whispers, and you have heard Me in your conscience when I said to you, “that is not good for you”, or “forgive”; and when I encouraged you to let go of the things that held you back. And you felt the weights of the importance on your heart of what I was saying to you, and yet you did not heed My voice. I came twice, three times and I gently prodded you and you felt the conviction of My Spirit, but yet, did nothing. So the more you did not listen, the more your heart became numb and gradually hardened. And now you say, “I do not hear His voice.”

So I speak to your heart now and blow on it to break that hardness, and I come to you and gently remind you again of what I spoke to you before. I love you My child and My desire is to restore you and lavish My gifts on you. So come now, hear My voice and be healed. Hear My voice and live.
Psalm 95:8
Do not harden your hearts, as at Meribah, As in the day of Massah in the wilderness


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