Re-tuning, Re-focusing, Re-positioning – your Lion Bites word for today

The Holy Spirit said, ‘I am re-tuning your ears, refocusing your eyes, and repositioning your feet’, over and over again. The Lord comes to deal with a confusion that has rested on several areas of your life.

The first area God wants to deal with is your ability to hear His voice. This has in turn had an impact on your intimacy with Him. But where you have experienced a struggle to listen to the voice of God and a confusion over what He is saying, God is now bringing a ‘re-tuning’ of your ears to the ‘frequency’ of the Holy Spirit, as if one were tuning into a radio frequency. You are to hear Him with ease and clarity!

God is also bringing a refocusing to your sight. Where there has been confusion over your vision and the direction in which you are to head in, there will now be a certainty and a faith that you know where to go and the direction God is calling your life to move in.

Finally, God sees the confusion you have battled with over where you are meant to be positioned – this has manifested in an uncertainty about your job, your geographical location, your ministry, as well as other areas. But today God calls you to come away with Him and allow a repositioning of your feet to take place.

For some, this will simply mean a strengthening of your current position – you are to stay where you are but God is bringing a slight change to how you stand. For others, there is movement required and God is beginning to nudge you on what this will look like. Pay attention and act in obedience!

This is your day of re-tuning, refocusing, and repositioning.

Isaiah 30:21
Your ears will hear a word behind you, “This is the way, walk in it,” whenever you turn to the right or to the left.


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