Responding to His loving gaze – your Lion Bites word for today

I heard the Lord say to you today, 
‘I love to gaze at your beauty.
I love to gaze into your eyes: you are so lovely.
I love to look and see you in new ways each day – and throughout each day.
So would you come to me?’

This is an invitation from the Lord today to allow Him to gaze upon you and your beauty – even as you fix your eyes upon His. There is a place the Lord longs to take you in the Spirit with Him today – and everyday: it is a place of appreciation of the light and the beauty of the Lord and His creation (you!), a place to discover the multi-faceted wonder of who you have been made to be – and of who your God is.

Gaze; look; fix your eyes upon Him. Study His light, drink of His presence and, as you do, allow the amazing depth and awesome weight of who God is to invade your being. He is majestic! He is wonderful! He is light! He is powerful and so beautiful.

And He longs to increase on the inside of you and around you.

All He is asking you today is to gaze upon Him and allow Him to look intently upon you. He so loves your beauty and your presence with Him. ‘Come’.

Psalm 45:11
Let the king be enthralled by your beauty;
honour him, for he is your Lord



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