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Get Weaponized to Bring Freedom and Cast Out Demons!

Many are walking around half asleep to the realities of two kingdoms at war around us at all times. Whether you’re awake to the spirit realm or not, it is impacting the world around you, and perhaps even within you. One of the greatest strategies Satan uses to keep the Church powerless is to make us numb and even dumb to the ways of the spiritual world. Consider what percentage of the Church is activated in deliverance ministry. While this topic may feel like it’s only reserved for a select few, the season is changing.

In the E-Course Demonbusting, Emma Stark guides you in lessons on demonology, spiritual warfare, and deliverance. By viewing the Bible through a lens of liberation, these topics that have felt mystical and secret will become clear and practical. You will not only gain the knowledge of how demons operate, but you will also learn how to practically kick them out of people, and even your own life!”

You are the delegated authority of God upon the earth and your inherited position against the schemes of the enemy is to be victorious! The time is now for you to not only understand the realities of the unseen kingdoms at war around you but to also take your seat as a deliverance warrior!

The Group option includes a 50 page facilitator guide to empower you with tools so that you can lead your group through powerful activations. 

After completing this course, you will walk away understanding the wiles of your enemy, walking in your heavenly authority, and operating from a place of spiritual warfare sophistication. Break free from spiritual blindness as you become a strategic demonbuster and deliverance warrior! It’s time to be infused with the determination that freedom of the people around you matters!

You are more powerful than any single structure of satan. It’s time to believe this and begin ministering deliverance from your seat of authority!

Demonbusting E-Course (Individual): $49 USD
Demonbusting E-Course
(Group): $99 USD (Single login for Facilitator & up to 15 people in the group)
Power Package: $90 USD (The Demonbusting & Prophetic Warrior E-Courses!)


Demonbusting – eCourse


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