Shut that door! ???? – your Lion Bites word for today

The Lord says, ‘It is time to close the door to the previous season once and for all. It is time to shut it, lock it and throw away the key!’
You have been in a prolonged season of confusion and, although you have heard many prophetic statements of ‘the season coming to an end’, this has yet to be your reality. Continuing in this season makes you afraid but know that God is not a God who would leave you there.

And the Spirit says to you – ‘Power lies in your choice. If you choose to move out of where you are and move into my grace, it will become your reality. The choice is yours to close the door to the previous season and open the door to the next. For I have given you the keys to the season in your hands. I have given you the ability to shut the old door behind you and lock it fast… and begin to unlock the door to the next season.’

If you feel your spirit leap at this invitation from the Holy Spirit and want to choose to walk fully into the new season you can pray prayer like this:
Father God, I now choose to close the door to this previous season of confusion. I am sorry for where I have procrastinated in the old but I now declare that I am out of that season. I now choose to move with your grace, I choose to move into the season ahead that you’ve got for me.

As the door slams shut behind you, all the residue from the previous season that had attached onto you will fall off and disintegrate and God declares, ‘confusion will not pass through the season with you and clarity will be released in you!’

1 Corinthians 14:33
For God is not a God of confusion but of peace.


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