The torch of revival

I saw a flame burning strongly, it was a large torch. The torch was being held by a runner and I realised I was watching the Olympic flame being carried across the land. He was running over mountains. I heard the Spirit of the Lord say: ‘I am sending my fire, torches of fire. You […]

The winds of heaven are blowing!

Although everything you see around you looks darker and bleaker, and the armies of the evil one are amassed and ready for war, the winds of heaven are blowing! I am blowing across you, my people, and across this land. Be conscious of the flames of the Holy Spirit within you this day and throughout […]

Scan the horizon for my beacons

‘My child, narrow your eyes’, says the Lord. It is time to focus your eyes, it is time to survey your situation like the eagle might look across its glen. You need to scan the horizon, you must take everything in and process it. Filter everything that you see carefully through the Holy Spirit, whom […]