Know your roots

Do you know what lies ‘under the surface’ of your life? Do you know the wiring, the pipework, the roots and the waterways than run ‘under and into’ your life? Some of these pipes were laid down generations before your birth, yet they may still run up from under the surface and have an influence […]

Re-open the wells

Beloved, now is the time to re-open the wells that have been stopped up for generations, those ancient wells of revival. Father God is giving you new weapons in order to cut through the dross and to smash the caps that have been placed on them; to call what once was to come back to […]

Unfulfilled promises, released back to you

There are promises given to your forefathers that are unfulfilled. There are squandered spiritual legacies in your heritage. That which has been lost from your family line, God wants to return to you at this time; there are finances, mantles, callings and anointings to be released back to your generation. God says, ‘Today I release […]

Light and freedom to the mind

I speak to those suffering with depression, oppression, and low mood: I am removing the black blind which the enemy has drawn in front of your eyes. I am pulling it down to allow you to see the dawn of a new day. Do you see the light creeping around the edges of the darkness? […]

Life to dormant promises

There are many things that I have promised to you as an individual that lie dormant at this time. There are many promises that I have spoken over your bloodline that also lie dormant – some that you don’t even know about. But I will breathe on them and the dormant promises in your family […]