My voice moves you to greater freedom and grace

My child, I’ve promised you abundant life, yet you feel cheated, disappointed. You ask, ‘Why did this happen? Why was that said to me? Where does my help come from?’ My child, I know how you feel. For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathise with our weaknesses, but we have one […]

Listen, look!

My child, do you not see? I have given you eyes to see and ears to hear. No longer be confounded by the enemy and his plans to distract and confuse you for I have the sight and I have the knowledge to set you free from all hindrances. Come to me and seek my […]

Deeper into the heart of God

I am seeking those who are seeking after my heart. I open my heart to those who seek it. Enter into the rhythmic flow of my heart beat and hear what I have to say to you and how I feel towards you – get to know how my heart responds in love towards you. […]

A heart expansion

My child, the words I give you today are medicine for your heart. You may not understand what my words mean but receive them in your heart, for I am doing a new thing inside of you: I am increasing your capacity: to love; to give and receive understanding; to listen and act without fear. […]

It’s time to listen more

There is so much that God wants to share with you at this time. He does not want you to miss a beat of what he is doing. I see heaven releasing revelation and communication. It looks liked coloured waves of light rolling towards us. But our ears are not attentive, our hearts are distracted […]

I speak at all times

As I waited on the Lord He said the word ‘NOTHING’. Then, after a time, He spoke… “I am always speaking; there is never a void in my words to you. I release words of life over you at all times. I speak at all times. I sing over you. Yet, will you agree to […]

My timing is perfect

I desire to bring balance to the way you live your life and discern my instructions. When I call you into something, my timing is perfect. I am bringing an end to rushing into things just because you see others doing what you think you should be doing. I am also bringing an end to […]

Wait on me

I heard the Lord say, ‘Will you wait on me?’ Will you still and quiet yourself to wait and hear what I am saying to you at this hour? Am I not a Father who speaks to His children? Choose to quieten yourself before me and listen to my words, my breath, my heart. My […]