‘Peace Be’ to Your Circumstances

Jesus is standing in the midst of your circumstances like He did on the boat in the midst of a storm with His disciples and, like that moment, decreeing ‘peace be’ to every storm you find yourself in. For God does not desire that you live life always fighting through winds and waves, He did not position […]

Look up

At this very moment I am wrapping you in my arms. I am holding you I am loving you I am healing you I am blessing you I am teaching you. When your life seems to be at the hardest place; when everything around you has become dark; when the clouds of confusion have surrounded […]

You are the one

As the blood of Jesus runs down the cross – you are the one it runs for. As He rose from the grave – you are the one He rose for. Jesus said to wait for the Holy Spirit to come and you would be filled with fire and power – you are the one […]

Your melting heart

I watched as the Lord took hold of your heart and I watched as it melted in His hand. Such a depth of sighing and longing escaped from your mouth and your spirit, longing for more of Him. He looks at you with such tenderness: He knows and understands the depths of your longing. He […]

Washed in the Word

As you rise in the morning and wash away the sleep of the night, so shall you wash in the Word of God. As you cleanse your body, so shall the Word refresh and cleanse your soul. As you recline in a warm bath and allow the water to enclose around you, so shall the […]

The power of His blood

In the past few months there have been days when you have felt a shadow and oppression come around you. Sometimes it is has been too close for comfort and you knew it should not be so close. Jesus reminds you today of the power of His shed blood. His blood puts a line of […]

The Tear

I watched as a single tear, rolled down the cheek of my beloved. It was a tear of memory, of a love that will never die; never fade; never hold back; a love that will always be there for you, that will hold you through all your life; a love for eternity. A love that took […]

The Rescuer

Even in the midst of battle, when the bombs are landing and the bullets whizz and whine all around, you hear the cries of the wounded and the dying: “help me, help me”; “save me, save me”. This is the battlefield of life. Who will come to their aid? I see Him – He is coming, […]

Fight with your coming King

My people who are called by my name, hear my voice, for I am coming soon. It is the time: it is the season for war. Listen and take heart for I am with you; I am your stronghold, I am your fortress, I am your shield. Will you agree today to take up your […]

The strength of the Lord

I have called you to stand, stand and stand! This is where the battle line is drawn, now is time for war. I have trained your hands and fingers for battle. I have trained your minds and your wills to move as one, no longer slaves, but sons. No longer will the enemy pull you […]