Are things not adding up?

You are being presented with some natural choices to make but the maths is not adding up. Don’t try to make 2 and 2 make 5. They don’t. They’re not going to. Know the times when God is empowering you to take supernatural faith steps (and He will!) – those times when 1 + God […]

All that you need for today

Seek My wisdom for your situations and circumstances this day. Only I see the end from the beginning. As I hold you in my very hand, ask Me to guide your steps and give you wisdom. You have already tried many times to work things out on your own, which has only led to frustration […]

Don’t hold back

Why do you hold back out of fear? Why do you fear the future? Have I not told you I will supply all your needs? Then why do you hold back when I call you to give? I call you to a new freedom of giving. To give out of lack is a greater sacrifice […]

Making all things new

You have received much from Me in this past season. Even as you have slept, I have poured in My peace. I have poured in My goodness and I have poured in My life, into the very core of who you are. I am now making you conscious of all that I have done in […]

God provides

Am I not your provider? Am I not Jehovah Jireh the one who provides all good things? You look at your life and you see lack. Lack of finance, lack of health, lack of provision. Yet am I not your God? Am I not the one who creates and supplies your every need? I am speaking to […]

It’s raining keys, for business

A huge weather system moved over the United Kingdom. Falling, along with the rain in the natural, were keys raining down in the spirit. And the Lord said, ‘I am releasing keys: Keys to business; keys for property; keys for business and financial partnerships; keys for business networking. I am releasing ideas for new business […]

I am Jehovah Jireh

I am opening doors of provision for you. This day, choose to believe again that I am your provider. I am your provider in ALL things, not just spiritually or emotionally, but practically and financially as well. You say to me, ‘But Lord I am not expecting you to provide finance or practical help beyond […]

Live by the economies and systems of heaven

My children, it is time to realise that I have called you to live by the economies and the systems of heaven and not the economies of earth. As I shake that which can and should be shaken, realise that those who trust and hope in me will not crumble and fall. So strengthen your […]

Freedom from financial fixation

Will you trust me today my child? Know that my grace is sufficient and I am more than enough for you. My desire is to bring a realignment to your heart where there has been an over-focus on money. Will you let me take this financial fixation and consequent burden from you? I want to […]