Friday Fire!

Please note that this is an in-person event. From November 2021 we will broadcast a live, unedited stream of each event here on this page and on our YouTube channel. […]

Declare and release the floodgates

Like a powerful song with a burning beat of strength, courage and resurrection life, I come to you. I come to you to empower and ignite the passion, the spark […]

Do not doubt your breakthrough

Sound the trumpet, bang the drum, the Lord is marching out in splendour! A cry of victory goes before him, for He is never defeated. In awesome majesty He rides […]

Called to purity

When the rain has come and gone and you are thirsty, do you go and drink from the puddles in the gutter, where all kinds of dirt and filth flow […]

Your Heart’s Song

The sweetest and most beautiful sound is the sound of the heart that rises in worship to me in spirit and in truth. Do not despise what you perceive to […]