Keep in time with the Lord

‘Get in step with Me at this time, as I move at a greater pace across the nations,’ says God. ‘Move, accelerate, catch-up and get in step with Me!’ The Spirit of the Lord is calling, ‘Catch up! Catch up!’ – because many are ‘missing the bus’ (so to speak)… as if many are dawdling […]

One sequence at a time

I see a padlock that requires a combination code to unlock it. And the Spirit of the Lord says, ‘You have had many locksmiths come to try and unlock the things that hold you back but I am the only One who holds the sequence of numbers to break open your life to the complete […]

Awake Awake!

I am calling you, my children, to awaken today. Awake and arise from your spiritual slumber. Too long have you listened to the voices around you that say, “Sleep a little longer! There’s plenty of time!” I say to you, Awake! Arise from your slumber! Do you see the dust around you? Do you see […]

It is time…

Press through my child, press through – into the unchartered waters I have laid before you. I am with you and I see that you are with me. So hold fast to me as we go forward together. I will not forsake you or leave you – I am with you always… Yet you need […]

Enough time

‘I’ve not got enough time – there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done!’, you cry. But the Lord says to you today, ‘Your time is not my time, your priorities are not my priorities. It is time for you to realign with that which I have spoken, the priorities that I […]

Being with me

My child, I want to teach you the finer points in how to ‘be’ before me, setting aside all that you need to ‘do’ and allowing us to just ‘be’ together. It’s not always as easy as it sounds but your well-being, your peace of mind, your very life depends on it. You need to […]

You’re Alive!

Whilst you still have breath in your body, know that you are alive! Have you ever had the feeling that you’re ‘marking time’, as if waiting for something else, something more to happen? Is it a ‘call’ that you are waiting on? If so, know that you are called today. The call of the Lord is […]

Do you see the shift in your life?

I am watching over you. I know your heart: its desires, its joy, its lacking, its longing. I hear your heart’s cry for more of me in your life. I am on the move in, and through, you. Do you perceive it? I am on the increase in your life, as I am remove those […]

Frozen moment

I saw a picture of a drop of water falling down into a pond and, as I looked, it was moving so slowly that it seemed frozen in time. Again I looked and I saw a humming bird flapping its wings, feeding off a flower and, again, moving so slowly that it too seemed frozen […]

Come, seek me

I wait for you to come to me to seek my face. I long for you to come into my presence, my precious child. You, who longs for me… I long for you. I want to see your face in my presence; your joy to surround me. Come and take time with me, for I […]