All that you need for today

Seek My wisdom for your situations and circumstances this day. Only I see the end from the beginning. As I hold you in my very hand, ask Me to guide your steps and give you wisdom. You have already tried many times to work things out on your own, which has only led to frustration […]

You are ready for the more!

I hear the voice of the Lord calling you up to a greater maturity of faith amongst God’s people. He is like the coach who loves to see you play at your best. He says that you are ready this day for the more: the deeper, the higher, the bigger. Your time of milk is […]

Cry aloud for understanding

The Lord is asking you to cry aloud for understanding. He wants you to speak out with your voice and ask to know him. Your voice has more power to establish this knowledge and understanding than you realise. It is as you cry out and make a sound that the Lord is swift to answer […]

Heavenly Treasures

The Holy Spirit showed me a table laden with gold and jewels. There were crowns, sceptres, goblets, bracelets, necklaces – treasures of gold, of every kind. But then I realised that these treasures were useless and even abhorrent (repulsive, disgusting) to the hungry, dying man that God then showed me. His immediate need and desire was […]

Choose your words wisely

My word is a sword that cuts and destroys the lies and works of the enemy. But know this: you have been made in my image and my creative ability is within you. Your words carry authority and the ability to empower. The question is, what will you empower? In the past there have been […]

A peace and clarity is coming

I saw a vision of you, standing looking into a pool in a gently-flowing river, your reflection becoming clearer as the water flowed more calmly. As you looked closer, the things which have been confusing and concerning you suddenly made sense. You see who you are and, more importantly, who your God is. Peace is […]

Your Pearl

I see the Lord putting rows and rows of pearls around your neck. He says to you, ‘you will know how to use them.’ I saw you standing atop of the ‘River of Life’. You took a pearl from around your neck and dropped it into the river. It slowly bobbled, until it was caught […]

Mature trees on a hill

I see, on a nearby hilltop, a forest of mature trees. The trees are for your protection and safety and are coming closer by you at this time. Through this picture, the Spirit of the Lord is reassuring you that He has appointed and is positioning mature, wise counsel around about you. No-matter your own […]

Listen to my instruction today

Listen to my counsel today, listen to my word and to my instruction today. Let your day begin with my instruction, my encouragement and my empowering. In days gone by you have struggled through your day in your own strength and in your own limited wisdom when I have been waiting to furnish you with my unlimited […]

New strategies from heaven

It is a new day: be sure not to continue to repeat the same old, familiar patterns. For each new day and each new decision, ask the Lord for His strategy and His answer. He is creator God: He can and He will do things differently. It is time to stop doing the same old, same old. […]