The Bouquet – your Lion Bites word for today

‘Well done, good and faithful servant’. Enjoy the commendation of your heavenly Father but there is more, even more, that He has for you. It isn’t just the praise for your works, your acts of service and of faithfulness; this is a love story.

So today He presents you with a very large and very beautiful bouquet of red flowers and says, ‘these flowers are for you to give back to me’. Take the petals – the blossom of the plant – and shower them back over Him as your worshipful love response.

This bouquet is a sign for you that, even in your places of frustration – the wilderness wanderings, times of transition or days of distraction – you are not far from His love and His blessing. Don’t be downcast by the fact that your life seems unproductive and not generating the fruit that you think a ‘good and faithful servant’ should. A plant in springtime first shows its blossom – and then the fruit comes later. With its blossoming petals the plant says, ‘here I am’. Only later does it say, ‘Here is what I can do’ (the fruit).

And I heard the Lord say to you, ‘All I want is the flowering blossom now: who you are – your attitude, your commitment and your hopeful vision for the future. Let the petals from the bouquet come now as you present yourself to me in worship and adoration. It’s you I want. The fruitful works will come after.’


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