The most important day – your Lion Bites word for today

When I said to Adam and Eve that Salvation would come, when the seed of the
woman would crush the head of the serpent, was this the most important day?
(*Genesis 3*)
When I called Abram to be blessed, to be a blessing and to become the
Father of Faith for the whole of mankind, was that the most important
day? (*Genesis
12:2*; *Galatians 3:7-9*)
When David was appointed King, as a man with a heart after my own heart,
was this the most important day? (*1 Samuel 13:14*)
When my Son, the Christ, became flesh and was born in Bethlehem, that was
certainly an important day. (*Luke 2*)
When He was crucified and died on the cross, that was certainly a *very*
important day. (*John 9:28-37*)
When Christ Jesus was raised from the dead, surely this was a *most*
important day. (*John 20*)
When my Holy Spirit fell upon a small group of people in an upper room
at Pentecost, was that the most important day? (*Acts 2*)
In your own life, was it the day you were born again in me? Or was it the
day you were married? Or perhaps the day your first child was born?
Was it the day in 1917 when the Revolution began in Russia – or was it the
day, 70 years later, when the ‘Iron Curtain’ came down? Your answer might
depend on your political opinion, your place of birth and the generation
you were born into. However *neither* of them are the most important day!
The most important day in Russia is ‘*cегодня*’.
The Romans called it ‘*hodie*’.
German speakers call it ‘*heute*’.
French speakers call it ‘*aujourd’hui*’*.*
English speakers call it ‘*today*’.
*TODAY* is the most important day. It is the most pivotal day in your
life. Your past has led up to it and your future depends on it.
I am giving this MOST IMPORTANT DAY to you. It will pass and never come
again. Make the most of your MOST IMPORTANT DAY.


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