The valley of the glory wave

A number of angels with trumpets are hovering over a dam wall which is holding back masses of water. As they sound their trumpets they blast the wall open and the water comes flooding out!

And the Lord says, ‘Position yourself my children. Position yourself in front of the Glory I am releasing and pouring out in this hour. Do not be bystanders and take yourself up and away from what I am doing. Choose and agree to position yourself in the valley, where you will be drenched and carried away with the torrents of my Glory.

Do not be afraid of what the Glory wave will do to you – but instead be more concerned that you might miss what I am bringing. I am giving you time to come into alignment with me and agree to be moved. If you wait too long you will miss the present positioning I am bringing to you.

So come and be positioned. Agree to be shifted and moved.’

As the water is released in a huge wave from the dam, that those who are positioned in-line with the front of the wall of the dame, in the valley, catch the wave. Others, further away from the wall yet still in-line with it, also catch the wave at a later point. But there are those on the hills above the valley, who are watching the dam break and watching the people below as they now revel, playing and swimming, in the water. Those watching on the hills are missing it altogether.

And the Lord asks, ‘Where will you be? Choose to say ‘yes’ to me and the new position I am calling you too.’

Joel 3.14 
Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision; For the day of the Lord is near in the valley of decision.


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