Your time has not run out!

Colossians 1:17
He existed before anything else and he holds all creation together.

My Beloved, you thought time had run out. Did you forget that I hold time in my hands, that I gathered it together and caused it to be? I am not constrained by it or forced by it. It holds no authority over me.

Did you forget that your timing is not my timing? That your eleventh hour may not be my eleventh hour? My child, I am not trying to frustrate you, or trick you. What I want us to do together is synchronise our time. I want you to tune into my voice. Push yourself to hear me more clearly, so that your heart begins to beat in time with mine. Find my rhythm and move to it.

Don’t settle for what you learned and heard from me yesterday, but seek out my voice for today. As you do that, your frustration will start to diminish. Though you may still not understand all that I do and why I do it, in the midst of it you will find my peace. Come, I invite you to move with me. So don’t wait or give up, instead please listen and move. I hold all things, including your opportunities. Your time has certainly not run out!


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