Today there is a shift in mind-set for you

I hear the Lord say –

It is not what you do for me, but rather who you are with me that matters.

It is not the time spent in the working, but the time spent in my presence that counts.

It is not the talking time, but it is the lingering in my throne room that I value.

See, I come to set you free from your measurement of how time is allocated. I lift the weight off your shoulders of seemingly worthy pursuits that bleed you dry and I release you into a freedom from works. I value the relationship with you so much more than the function that you have found.

Today, as we reach the calendar year end, the end of the working year, there is a shift from a ‘functionality mind-set’ to a ‘relationship mind-set’. This shift will recalibrate your mind so that the transition to carrying more of my glory will be easier for you.

Psalm 63:3 (NLT)
Your unfailing love is better than life itself; how I praise you! 


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