Your unique song – your Lion Bites word for today

Psalm 104:33
I will sing to the Lord as long as I live; I will sing praise to my God as long as I have my being.

God gently calls you to joyful remembrance of His goodness. Allow His Holy Spirit to pull your heart Into a place where you can connect with the sweet sound which you once found rising up in the midst of your soul – the song of joy when you first encountered the love of Jesus.

God and His angels rejoiced over you when you entered His kingdom. Today He still delights in that grateful and heartfelt song which you sang in those early days of your new-found loving relationship with Him. How sweet those hours were, filled with your praise, which flowed like rushing rivers and gained expression through your thankful lips! Do you remember those times? Once released, the song changed everything in your world, filling the atmosphere around you with faith and an assurance of His love, before falling again as sweet music to your ears, and then returning once more to your heart, like an ever-increasing cycle of praise. The sweetness of your childlike faith touched the very heart of God in its purity.

Find time today to lay aside all ‘sophistication’ and come again to God as a little child, releasing again your joyful song of praise. Do what you need to do to stir up your first love for Him. Sing it or shout it out loud today and let the joy of looking afresh into the eyes of your Saviour Jesus Christ refresh your spirit. You will be surprised by the changes that take place around you!


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