Seek first the Kingdom

My Kingdom has come in your life -you are one who walks in my Kingdom. Yet my ways are not your ways and you see things differently to how I see them… I see that you were made for love, for the Kingdom, for my good pleasure. Will you choose today to see your position […]

Trusting your Father’s Goodness

Take courage my child: circumstances are strange and changing but my truth remains the same. That truth that you have hidden in your heart is like treasure coming to the surface – just like a hidden vein of gold in a piece of rock. You are coming into a time when the inheritance of previous […]

I am delighting, rejoicing, loving you!

My child, stop comparing yourself with others. You know that that sort of thinking is of no benefit to you. I created you and declared you good. I designed you; formed you; dreamt you up and put you together. You are my handiwork, and I delight over you! I love you. I am singing over […]

Don’t give up. Trust me.

At times it seems like every Promise or Word spoken over you has been delayed or has not materialised at all: do not give up. There is an enemy who would love to see you discouraged and disheartened enough to start putting to death your hopes and dreams. Come before me and ask for my clarity, then trust […]

Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty!

Choose this day not to be bound by burdens and responsibilities that are not yours. It is time to learn when to let go and allow me to move. I love your heart and your desire to “bear one another’s burdens”, but you need to recognise when those burdens and responsibilities become ‘burdensome’ and a […]

My grace is sufficient

As you face your daunting tasks today, remember that my grace is completely sufficient. Completely. Sufficient. Approach each gate and each hurdle with a renewed confidence, knowing my Spirit is upon you. Because of the grace you have received, you may even find that you are able to extend a grace in each encounter that […]

I am simplifying the way you function

Be patient my child. I am lifting Saul’s restrictive armour off you, in order to bring you freedom of movement. I am changing your view and bringing clarity as I remove other people’s wrong expectations off you. Don’t be afraid, I am working to simplify the way you function and this will bring great victory […]

Be there for one another

My children are being tested and refined in my fire – part of this is the new season of transition and progress. Persecution follows all who choose to follow me, it isn’t easy to live like my Son in these end times. Your enemy is causing sorrow and hardship wherever he can. I encourage you to […]

Dare to love today

There will be opportunities for you to love today. Situations will arise where the normal or worldly reaction to those situations would produce strife, division and stress. But, as I freely give you my love, choose to give of your love and grace today, even if it is not returned; because I say to you, […]

Develop your gifts

I have placed within you Heavenly gifts. Gifts which are yours, to build up and encourage. You recognise some aspects of the gifts I have given you – some are tangible and you perceive them. Others you are not yet aware of. I am beginning to show you all the aspects of the gifts I […]