Healing deep and painful wounds – your Lion Bites word for today

Psalm 147:2-3
The Lord builds up Jerusalem; he gathers the exiles of Israel. He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.
Is it time to have Jesus remove the effects of some painful wounds that you have managed with for some time? The Holy Spirit showed me a body being run through with a sharp skewer. The pointed end of the skewer pierced flesh and passed through the body, close to the heart. At the time the agony was excruciating: sharp, intense, burning. As time passed, however, the pain dulled to a painful, constant throb and the flesh healed over, though the skewer remained in place. From time to time, the person who had been wounded would grip the skewer where it entered the body and would lever or turn it, making small movements that were just enough to cause a sharp, stinging pain again – a pain that was somehow more bearable than the constant, dull, background soreness. Infection round the entry and exit was common and, though the wound had not been fatal, the person’s body never worked as well again.

And the Holy Spirit says to those who have been wounded, ‘Trust me to remove the thing that so hurtfully wounded you. Would you allow me to take all trace of it out and destroy it completely? More than this, I will heal your aching flesh and will pour a soothing ointment that will take all stinging away. Even more than this, my desire is to fill you with new life and new vision that will excite your spirit, stir your soul and give new meaning to your body. Would you allow me to turn things around, so that where there was an all-consuming discomfort will now become an all-consuming joy?’

He can do this for you. His desire is to do this for you. Will you let go of the end of the skewer and allow Jesus Christ to help you?
Psalm 30:11
You have turned for me my mourning into dancing; You have loosed my sackcloth and girded me with gladness,

Example prayer response: ‘Jesus, I am sorry to have held on to this wounding… I believe that in you is found true peace, true healing and true freedom… I choose now to go on a journey of healing with you… I am ready for you to turn things around and exchange my mourning for dancing…’

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