Pray as one – your Lion Bites word for today

God is calling every member of His church to be ‘as one’ and pray in unity across the earth. God is calling His prayer watchmen and intercessors to work together at this time. He is calling you personally to lift up your voice as one with the church on the earth and pray as His Spirit gives unction.

These are not the days to pray soulish prayers with a personal agenda or for personal gain but instead are to refocus our prayers on God’s agenda and His heart for us, our family, our community, our local church expression and our nations.

These are the days to ask, ‘What are you praying right now Lord Jesus?’ and to come into agreement and alignment with His prayers for us and the areas He calls us to pray into.

We all have been taught how to pray by Jesus. Now are the days of asking God, ‘What in Heaven needs to be released and loosed to come to the earth through prayer in this situation right now? Teach me to pray again Lord!’

The Lord is saying to you, ‘Ask me and I will reveal what is on my heart. Ask me and I will give you the words. There is a solution. Ask. It is here for you’.

Many have believed a lie that God is not moving in some tough situations that you are facing right now. But God is saying to you, ‘Ask me what I am doing; ask me what I am praying for you and join in. Do not fight it but step into it’. Pray as the Spirit gives unction to pray. Not from personal agenda. Jesus is interceding for you. Join in with His prayers and breakthrough will come.

Romans 8:34
Christ Jesus who died- more than that – who was raised to life – is at the right hand of God and who is interceding for us.


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