Refining Fire

I am coming ever closer with My refining fire – that which transforms and renews (makes all things new).

I am releasing a greater intensity of My fire in this hour to bring you into a new place of belonging and greater saturation of Me. I am bringing things to mind at this time that I want you to deal with and tackle with Me. Old hurts, old mind-sets, even ungodly beliefs which have until today remained hidden. Let’s take a fresh look together and examine these things and I will expunge that which is impeding you.

As you pursue Me, I pursue you with My fire to burn up anything that would hinder or hold you back.

Keep in pursuit My child. Keep running after me with all your heart and I WILL give you all your heart desires – yes even the nations.

Hebrews 12:29
for our ‘God is a consuming fire.’


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