Unquenchable Fire

When I light a fire it will not be quenched. No longer will the enemy be allowed to come and stub out that which has been lit by my Spirit. I am removing the ‘sensors’ of the enemy that have previously alerted him to attempt to put out the fire. When the fire has been […]

Look ahead expectantly

God showed me a trophy cabinet full of cups and trophies and medals that had been won by a sports star. These were the memories of what this sportsperson once achieved and once could achieve. Now, they were mere mementos. God says, “many of My people have trophy cabinets that they keep in their hearts, […]

Seek Me first and I will protect you

I embrace you, my child, and wrap you in my love. Just as a child watching a meal being prepared looks up to the pots and pans on the hot stove, you do not see the danger. A child does not see the danger of the hot food being prepared; he only sees the handle […]

Come into the land of plenty

John 7:37 …Jesus stood and He cried in a loud voice , ‘If any man is thirsty, let him come to Me and drink’. To you who are lost in the desert I am calling you out. I say to you this day to come forth and move into the land of plenty, into the land […]

No shadow of turning

Know now that there is no ‘shadow of turning’ in me! Have I not spoken and will I not do? Why do you think I have turned my back on you? You are mine and my eye is always on you! I know the shame you have carried and I know the ways you have tried […]

Remember to breathe

‘Son, Daughter, remember to breathe today.’ Have you been spiritually ‘holding your breath’, waiting for promised or hoped-for things to happen? God reminds you to still be conscious of your breathing, even as you wait. This means that you are to remember to engage with those basic life needs and requirements that may have unwittingly […]

Expect, Dare, Dream

Hold on to your dreams, dust off the disappointment and prepare to see my mighty hand at work. I know you have unfulfilled desires in your heart so, until you have no breath left, expect me to move! It is time for some more excitement in your life. This is not dependant on your circumstances, this […]

Seek first the Kingdom

My Kingdom has come in your life -you are one who walks in my Kingdom. Yet my ways are not your ways and you see things differently to how I see them… I see that you were made for love, for the Kingdom, for my good pleasure. Will you choose today to see your position […]

Your heart’s desire

My Beloved child, you are feeling regret or shame from things you have done, or not done, in the past. You are fearful of what this could mean in your day to day life and how you live and act towards others. You are asking me if it disqualifies you from the more you desire. […]