Keys of solution

God is releasing releasing keys into your hands; new keys for this season. Take hold of them and watch for the opportunities He presents to you to apply them to your life situations, to the doors that have been shut until this point. See how they open with such ease. Take hold of these keys by […]

Hear my voice

Hear my voice! I say to your spirit, “Awaken and listen for my voice!” I have many things to tell you and show you. I long for you to be of those who know the secrets of my heart. For so long many of my people have been dull to my voice. They have filled […]

Your time has not run out!

Colossians 1:17 He existed before anything else and he holds all creation together. My Beloved, you thought time had run out. Did you forget that I hold time in my hands, that I gathered it together and caused it to be? I am not constrained by it or forced by it. It holds no authority […]