New hope and purpose

Every generation is important to the Lord. There is no ‘forgotten generation’. For the Spirit of the Lord says, ‘I am calling even the older generations into a time of awakening. If you believe in your hearts that I still have a plan and a purpose for your life then I will begin to reveal […]

Your place

The mighty waterfall drops down hard on the rocks below; the sound is loud as the powerful waters rush by. In the cleft of the rock is the most beautiful of flowers, blooming in all its majesty. It is hidden from the force of the waterfall, yet receives just the slightest of spray, enough to […]

The Jewel

Creator God holds you up before His eye. You are a beautiful, sparkling jewel in His mighty hand and striking, colourful shards of light burst forth from every side and angle of you. Your Heavenly Father is delighted with you and is proud of His craftsmanship. But I hear the jewel groan as He turns it […]

I look on you with great delight

As you watch the flowers bloom, with all the beautiful colours bursting through, and marvel at my life and the beauty of Creation, remember that you are my most precious and exquisite design. I still look on you with great delight – seeing beyond your best or worse efforts and bringing my plans for you to […]

“Take my yoke upon you…”

This is not just an optional extra, but for your own well-being, safety and fulfillment; you must take my yoke, and my yoke only. Refuse to take on false responsibility. Refuse to take on the inappropriate responsibility that is being presented to you now. These will only weigh you down and hinder you. They will […]