Keep on pushing through

Prepare to be spiritually opposed as you go about your business in the coming days, as the enemy seeks to dampen out Holy flames in the nations and amongst the people of God. But do not lose heart! Do not allow your spirit to be shadowed or intimidated by the deceiver, who knows that the […]

The tornado that has tested your faith

What has felt like a tornado ripping through your life has been My hand, shaking off and uprooting the things which are now ‘surplus to requirements’. I have called you to be one who endures, one who stands strong – and so your faith has been tested. Know that I am not leaving you in […]

From sandpaper to polishing

There are times when it feels as though you have been ‘sandpapered’ by God! – where he stretched down to where you were and rubbed firmly, to remove the ungodly protrusions in your life. God has been sanding down your excesses and selfishness. He has scraped off iniquity and scoured off pride; He has pulled […]

Your growth

You are currently in a new season of growth in your life. Supernatural, accelerated growth! In the natural season we are in, a lot of growth has slowed down and even stopped. But you are of God’s Kingdom, born of the Spirit! Look beyond what you see with your eyes.¬†Look at where you are today […]

Call my name

Call my name, call my name and I will run to you my little ones. I will lift you up and carry you through this time of testing. When the tears of loss are flowing I will hold you in my arms, where the beat of my heart will comfort you, until my peace covers […]