Take Heart – your Lion Bites word for today

The Lord speaks to your heart today: ‘I will renew your strength, as the eagle’. The Father is strengthening those who come to Him; He is binding up those with broken hearts and bringing release from pain this very day. 

The Holy Spirit will breathe new life into your soul and reminds you that follow God who is Jehovah El-Roi, ‘The God Who Sees’. You are not alone: He knows, sees and is pleased with your journey of faith. He has seen your willingness to walk on, even in the midst of  brokenness, pain and distress and He lovingly reminds you that His word is forever fixed and settled in heaven. It’s settled! He cannot lie and He will be faithful to perform all His promises on your behalf.

God has declared Himself to be a generational God. He is faithful to the generations and He hovers over your household like a canopy of love. He is causing fresh expectation to rise in your heart – Give thanks and declare today that your family is blessed. The Lord is causing a turnaround, so do not grow weary in prayer or faith but believe in His enduring faithfulness to bring His word to pass in your situation. Rest, take heart and believe.

Psalm 119:89-90
Forever O Lord, your word is settled in heaven your faithfulness endures to all generations.


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