Will you allow Me to come and remove the splinters from your life? Why do you fear the pain of the removal of these things that would irritate and agitate you? Are you more willing to allow these things to fester and rot in your life than you are willing to allow Me to remove […]

My precious jewel

Your loving, heavenly Father speaks to you today, saying, ‘My dear child, you are My precious jewel. You are finer than the finest of rubies, sapphires and diamonds. Don’t turn away! Don’t dismiss My words to you today – don’t try to apportion them to someone else, for I speak truth to you! Listen and […]

A call to submission

The Lord calls you to submit to Him. He is not like a ‘boss’, who manipulates or humiliates you for weakness or failure. He is a father who has compassion on all He has made. But He is also the LORD ALMIGHTY, the LORD our KING. Pride has no place in his presence. Knees must […]

Deep calls to deep

The Lord is drawing you down into the depths of His love and intimacy; He is leading you deeper into His ways. There He wants you to focus on His overwhelming love for you. You and Him. No other. As you go into the greater depths with Him, He will raise you up to the […]

Deeper into the heart of God

I am seeking those who are seeking after my heart. I open my heart to those who seek it. Enter into the rhythmic flow of my heart beat and hear what I have to say to you and how I feel towards you – get to know how my heart responds in love towards you. […]

Don’t despair, I am with you

My child – you who are in me and united with me: take heart as you face the trials and tribulations of this age, secure in the knowledge that I am with you and in you. I will never change or leave you. I am with you. You say in your heart, ‘Is my God […]

Look up

At this very moment I am wrapping you in my arms. I am holding you I am loving you I am healing you I am blessing you I am teaching you. When your life seems to be at the hardest place; when everything around you has become dark; when the clouds of confusion have surrounded […]

The perfect engine

I saw an engine for a car being built. I watched as each part was placed in the right place. I watched as it was bolted and screwed together and as pumps were added. I watched as it was tested as they turned it on. I heard the low rumbling as they went through the […]

Great is Thy Faithfulness

My dear child, even when it appears I am not there, when it looks like everything is lost and gone from you; when you yourself cannot hear my voice or call my name: I am with you. I am here. You need not look to the wreckage, or in the loss because I am not […]

Your place

The mighty waterfall drops down hard on the rocks below; the sound is loud as the powerful waters rush by. In the cleft of the rock is the most beautiful of flowers, blooming in all its majesty. It is hidden from the force of the waterfall, yet receives just the slightest of spray, enough to […]