Iron sharpens iron

I see two people, perhaps one of them is you? Truth is being proclaimed by both of them. Both are right, yet the way forward seems impossible. You say, ‘Why have you put this person in my life? I love them but at times I simply can’t stand them! Lord, my God, can you not […]

Step into the depths of the rushing waters

Do you hear the sound of the many waters rushing together? Do you see the many streams flowing as one river? This is my church, this is my body. This is my Spirit in them, flowing together as one mighty river. I am detouring streams from their current course. I am moving the mountains that […]

Stand strong on my foundation

Where are your foundations seated? On what foundation do your ethical, moral, theological, financial, social, leisure and family considerations lie? The great shaking is continuing and will increase. As I shake earthly structures and systems, what in your life will be able to stand? Only that which is of me will stand in the shaking, […]