Secrets of My heart

Listen and take heed when I speak to you about things that are only for you and I. If I whisper in your ear secrets of My heart for you, they are like precious stones that need to be taken care of and pondered in your heart. They are solely from My heart to yours, […]

Plans for transformation

You say to me, ‘rend the heavens’, and I respond, ‘rend your heart’. You cry out to me for mercy and I will indeed give both my grace and mercy to you in full measure. Yet you must break open your heart to me because I am a jealous God and I desire your full attention. […]

Deeper into the heart of God

I am seeking those who are seeking after my heart. I open my heart to those who seek it. Enter into the rhythmic flow of my heart beat and hear what I have to say to you and how I feel towards you – get to know how my heart responds in love towards you. […]

Don’t let the fear of failure stop you

You have said, ‘I can’t do this alone’ and so you look to be with those of like mind; those of like spirit and heart. This is truly a good thing, as those who love me, and love you, will help you to walk into the fullness of my desires for you. Yet, you also […]

Believe what I have created you to be

Grace, mercy, power, kindness, goodness and  self-control. These are the things that I am building into your life. Look back at where you have come from. Do you not see the changes that I have made? Do you not remember the times when you acted in ways that were not of me? But now your […]


Rise and shine, for your time has come! The Glory of the Lord is upon you and your witness is far more powerful than you will know in this lifetime. You will one day see how much I have used you. If you knew it all now your own pride would probably swell and stand […]

I will build you up again

You are created for my glory, you are set apart for me. Even before your birth I called you as one known by me and set aside for my purpose. It is time to come and take your place, to rebuild the ancient ruins, to rebuild my temple, the place where I would dwell; even your heart! Others […]

“Once bitten, twice shy?”

I heard the words, “Once bitten, twice shy!”, and it was as if a door slammed as the words were uttered and a heart was closed and locked up. Then I heard the Lord say, “Is anything too difficult for me? Will you choose to trust on your own understanding and in your own ability […]

Open up your heart

What is in your heart? Check your heart and see what’s there. Root out anything that is hidden. Root out any hidden selfish ambition or unforgiveness or secret hatred. Your heart is most precious to me, for it is there that I chose to be enthroned, and it is there that you will find my […]

Time to awaken

Wake up and see the new day. Wake up my child! Wake up and see the new day, for I am coming! Prepare yourself! Make ready and prepare your heart and soul for I am coming quickly. This is the hour, this is the time when I come to take my Bride. This is the […]