Put aside distractions

Put aside all distractions and choose to only invest your time and energy in the things that I am about to show you. For I am calling my people to a new level of single-mindedness, a new level of unwavering faith and determination. You have put your hand to many things that have been good […]

New hope and purpose

Every generation is important to the Lord. There is no ‘forgotten generation’. For the Spirit of the Lord says, ‘I am calling even the older generations into a time of awakening. If you believe in your hearts that I still have a plan and a purpose for your life then I will begin to reveal […]

Don’t despair, I am with you

My child – you who are in me and united with me: take heart as you face the trials and tribulations of this age, secure in the knowledge that I am with you and in you. I will never change or leave you. I am with you. You say in your heart, ‘Is my God […]

Fix your eyes ahead

My child, why do you keep looking back to your past? Why do you disqualify yourself from the now by thinking that it is not you that I am calling for such a time as this? Will you recognise with me that your past is in the past and I am not looking for it, I am […]

Time to fly!

The Spirit of the Lord says, ‘My people have been training. They have knowledge of the Word, they have my Spirit alive and working in them and they have a hunger to serve the Kingdom of God. Each one of my sons and daughters are ready to fly’. You are like a twin-engine aeroplane, sitting on […]

I speak at all times

As I waited on the Lord He said the word ‘NOTHING’. Then, after a time, He spoke… “I am always speaking; there is never a void in my words to you. I release words of life over you at all times. I speak at all times. I sing over you. Yet, will you agree to […]

I look on you with great delight

As you watch the flowers bloom, with all the beautiful colours bursting through, and marvel at my life and the beauty of Creation, remember that you are my most precious and exquisite design. I still look on you with great delight – seeing beyond your best or worse efforts and bringing my plans for you to […]

Wait on me

I heard the Lord say, ‘Will you wait on me?’ Will you still and quiet yourself to wait and hear what I am saying to you at this hour? Am I not a Father who speaks to His children? Choose to quieten yourself before me and listen to my words, my breath, my heart. My […]