The trumpets have sounded!

There is a great noise of brass in Heaven this season, as bells are ringing and trumpets are sounding. Have you heard the trumpets’ call? It is sounding a call to the workers, the Lord’s servants; calling them to the fields. The call is to leave what you are doing and run to the fields. […]

Today there is a shift in mind-set for you

I hear the Lord say – It is not what you do for me, but rather who you are with me that matters. It is not the time spent in the working, but the time spent in my presence that counts. It is not the talking time, but it is the lingering in my throne […]

Pins and Needles

The Lord has good news for those of you who have been feeling like you have a case of spiritual ‘pins and needles’! Perhaps you have felt a little spiritually numb, even a little lifeless and that you now feel like somehow you aren’t a joined-on part of the body. Physically, these feelings can occur […]

Come closer

My child, come and rest in my presence and taste of my great love for you. I delight in you and I want you to come closer, closer still. The road is rocky and the journeying long, but you were never meant to walk this road alone. Your life is filled with many things, but […]